About Us

Griggs Nelson Mutual Insurance Company was organized June 1, 1998 after a merger between Nelson County Mutual of McVille, established in 1900, and Griggs County Mutual of Cooperstown, established in 1917. This company provides property and casualty insurance for homeowners and farmowners in 31 counties in the easter half of North Dakota.

All policyholders are members of the company and are entitled to vote at the annual meeting which is held in June of each year.

The company is run by a board of directors and the company managers. The directors are elected at the annual meeting and serve three-year terms. The manager is in charge of underwriting, claims, accounting and data processing.

Griggs Nelson Mutual Board of Directors:

Lanny Klefstad, President

David Saxberg

Mitchel Trostad

Dwight Haas, Vice President

Mark Haugen

Ted Rohde

Manager: Paula Schuh

The company maintains offices in McVille, ND on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in Cooperstown, ND on Tuesday and Thursday.